Publications HAL des membres

Daniel Baron


    • [1] Expanded CD8 T-cell sharing between periphery and CNS in multiple sclerosis
      Marion Salou, Alexandra Garcia, Laure Michel, Anne Gainche-Salmon, Delphine Loussouarn, Bryan Nicol, Flora Guillot, Philippe Hulin, Steven Nedellec, Daniel Baron, Gérard Ramstein, Jean-Paul Soulillou, Sophie Brouard, Arnaud B Nicot, Nicolas Degauque, David A Laplaud.
    • [2] A common gene signature across multiple studies relate biomarkers and functional regulation in tolerance to renal allograft
      Daniel Baron, Gérard Ramstein, Mélanie Chesneau, Yann Echasseriau, Annaick Pallier, Chloé Paul, Nicolas Degauque, Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo, Magali Giral, Jean-Paul Soulillou, Rémi Houlgatte, Sophie Brouard.


    • [3] Transcriptional assessment by microarray analysis and large-scale meta-analysis of the metabolic capacity of cardiac and skeletal muscle tissues to cope with reduced nutrient availability in Gilthead Sea Bream [i](Sparus aurata L.).[/i]
      Josep A Calduch-Giner, Yann Echasseriau, Diego Crespo, Daniel Baron, Josep V Planas, Patrick Prunet, Jaume Pérez-Sánchez.


    • [5] MADGene: Retrieval and processing of gene identifier lists for the analysis of heterogenous microarray datasets
      Daniel Baron, Audrey Bihouee, Raluca Teusan, Emeric Dubois, Frederique Savagne, Marja Steenman, Rémi Houlgatte, Gérard Ramstein.
    • [6] Immune Response and Mitochondrial Metabolism Are Commonly Deregulated in DMD and Aging Skeletal Muscle
      Daniel Baron, Armelle Magot, Gérard Ramstein, Marja Steenman, Guillemette Fayet, Catherine Chevalier, Philippe Jourdon, Rémi Houlgatte, Frédérique Savanger, Yann Pereon.
    • [7] Meta-analysis of muscle transcriptome data using the MADMuscle database reveals biologically relevant gene patterns.
      Daniel Baron, Emeric Dubois, Audrey Bihouée, Raluca Teusan, Marja Steenman, Philippe Jourdon, Armelle Magot, Yann Péréon, Reiner Veitia, Frédérique Savagner, Gérard Ramstein, Rémi Houlgatte.
    • [8] Meta-analysis of muscle transcriptome data using the MADMuscle database reveals biologically relevant gene patterns
      Daniel Baron, Emeric Dubois, Audrey Bihouee, Raluca Teusan, Marja Steenman, Philippe Jourdon, Armelle Magot, Yann Pereon, Reiner Veitia, Frederique Savagne, Gérard Ramstein, Rémi Houlgatte.


    • [9] Molecular risk stratification in advanced heart failure patients.
      Guillaume Lamirault, Nolwenn Le Meur, Jean-Christian Roussel, Daniel Baron, Audrey Bihouee, I. Guisle, Mahatsangy Raharijoana, Gérard Ramstein, Raluca Teusan, Catherine Chevalier, J.P. Gueffet, J.N. Trochu,, J.J. Léger, Rémi Houlgatte, Marja Steenman.


    • [11] Acoustic sensor for fuel rod of nuclear power plant reactor, has transducer generating and detecting respective acoustic signals, where transmission frequency bands of signals have width of specific percentage of vibration frequency of wall
      Eric Rosenkrantz, Daniel Baron, Jean-Yves Ferrandis, Didier Laux, Gérard Leveque.


    • [12] Large-scale temporal gene expression profiling during gonadal differentiation and early gametogenesis in rainbow trout
      Daniel Baron, Rémi Houlgatte, Alexis Fostier, Yann Guiguen.
    • [13] Foxl2 gene and the development of the ovary: a story about goat, mouse, fish and woman
      Daniel Baron, Frank Batista, Stéphane Chaffaux, Julie Cocquet, Corinne Cotinot, Edmond Cribiu, Elfride De Baeree, Yann Guiguen, Francis Jaubert, Eric Pailhoux, Maëlle Pannetier, Daniel Vaiman, Bernard Vigier, Reiner Veitia, Marc Fellous.

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