Publications HAL des membres

Dominique Tessier


    • [1] AgroDataRing: Une infrastructure partagée et mutualisée pour le stockage longue durée
      Pierre Adenot, Stéphane Bansard, David Benaben, Veronique Brunaud, Christophe Caron, Alexandre Dehne Garcia, Christophe Duperier, Adrien Falce, Olivier Filangi, Franck Giacomoni, Fabienne Granier, Philippe Grevet, Nicolas Guilhot, Annie Hofstetter, Johann Joets, Thierry Hotelier, Olivier Langella, Ludovic Legrand, Mikaël Loaec, Virginie Lollier, Patrick Moreau, Emmanuelle Morin, Hadi Quesneville, Tovo Rabemanantsoa, Gerald Salin, Dominique Tessier.
    • [3] SpecOMS: A Full Open Modification Search Method Performing All-to-All Spectra Comparisons within Minutes
      Matthieu David, Guillaume Fertin, Helene Rogniaux-Bonaventure, Dominique Tessier.


    • [6] Faut-il prendre en compte les semi-tryptiques dans la protéomique de la graine ?
      Virginie Lollier, Helene Rogniaux, Dominique Tessier, Colette Larre, Valentin Estreguil.
    • [7] In silico evaluation of the influence of the translocon on partitioning of membrane segments
      Dominique Tessier, Sami Laroum, Béatrice Duval, Emma M. Rath, W. Bret Church, Jin-Kao Hao.


    • [9] In silico prediction of B cell epitopes and experimental validation on wheat allergens
      Sandra Denery-Papini, Virginie Lollier, Hamza Mameri, Manon Pietri, Colette Larre, Jean-Charles Gaudin, Olivier Tranquet, M. Drouet, Evelyne Paty, Anne Marie Jonathan, Etienne Beaudouin, D.A. Moneret-Vautrin, Dominique Tessier.
    • [10] Relationship between quality of spectra and peptide-spectrum matches
      Charles-Henri van Nuvel, Helene Rogniaux, Dominique Tessier, Colette Larre, Pierrick Lucas, Virginie Lollier.
    • [11] Benchmarking of peptide retention time prediction algorithms
      Pierrick Lucas, Helene Rogniaux, Colette Larre, Virginie Lollier, Charles-Henri van Nuvel, Dominique Tessier.
    • [12] A benchmark server using high resolution protein structure data, and benchmark results for membrane helix predictions
      Emma M. Rath, Dominique Tessier, Alexander A. Campbell, Hong Ching Lee, Tim Werner, Noeris K. Salam, Lawrence K. Lee, W. Bret Church.
    • [14] Relationship between protein surface and antibody binding
      Virginie Lollier, Sandra Denery-Papini, Colette Larre, Dominique Tessier.


    • [15] A generic approach to evaluate how B-cell epitopes are surface-exposed on protein structures
      Virginie Lollier, Sandra Denery-Papini, Colette Larre, Dominique Tessier.
    • [17] A Local Search Appproach for Transmembrane Segment and Signal Peptide Discrimination
      Sami Laroum, Dominique Tessier, Beatrice Duval, Jin-Kao Hao.
    • [18] wDBTF: an integrated database resource for studying wheat transcription factor families
      Isabelle Romeuf, Dominique Tessier, Mireille Dardevet, Gerard Branlard, Gilles Charmet, Catherine Grand Ravel.
    • [19] OVNIp: An open source application facilitating the interpretation, the validation and the edition of proteomics data generated by MS analyses and de novo sequencing
      Dominique Tessier, Pascal Yclon, Ingrid Jacquemin, Colette Larre, Helene Rogniaux.


    • [20] Integrating genes and phenotype: a wheat-Arabidopsis-rice glycosyltransferase database for candidate gene analyses
      Pierre-Etienne Sado, Dominique Tessier, Marc Vasseur, Khalil Elmorjani, Fabienne Guillon, Luc Saulnier.
    • [21] Endopolygalacturonases reveal molecular features for processivity pattern and tolerance towards acetylated pectin
      Gwenaelle André-Leroux, Dominique Tessier, Estelle Bonnin.


    • [23] Differential proteomic analysis of four near-isogenic Brassica napus varieties bred for their erucic acid and glucosinolate contents
      Vanessa Devouge, Helene Rogniaux, Nathalie Nesi, Dominique Tessier, Jacques Guéguen, Colette Larre.

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