Publications HAL des membres

Gérard Ramstein


    • [1] Computational design of a single crystal nickel-based superalloy with improved specific creep endurance at high temperature
      Edern Menou, Jérémy Rame, Clara Desgranges, Gérard Ramstein, Franck Tancret.


    • [2] Evolutionary design of strong and stable high entropy alloys using multi-objective optimisation based on physical models, statistics and thermodynamics
      Edern Menou, Isaac Toda-Caraballo, Pedro Eduardo Jose Rivera-Díaz-Del-Castillo, Camille Pineau, Emmanuel Bertrand, Gérard Ramstein, Franck Tancret.
    • [3] Computational design of light and strong high entropy alloys (HEA) Obtainment of an extremely high specific solid solution hardening
      E. Menou, F. Tancret, I. Toda-Caraballo, P. Castany, E. Bertrand, N. Gautier, P.E.J. Rivera Díaz-Del-Castillo, Gérard Ramstein.


    • [4] A composite score associated with spontaneous operational tolerance in kidney transplant recipients
      Richard Danger, Mélanie Chesneau, Chloé Paul, Pierrick Guérif, Maxim Durand, Kenneth Newell, Sai Kanaparthi, Laurence Turka, Jean-Paul Soulillou, Rémi Houlgatte, Magali Giral, Gérard Ramstein, Sophie Brouard.


    • [5] Relapsed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma present different genomic profiles between early and late relapses
      Julien Broséus, Gaili Chen, Sébastien Hergalant, Gérard Ramstein, Nicolas Mounier, Jean-Louis Guéant, Pierre Feugier, Christian Gisselbrecht, Catherine Thiéblemont, Rémi Houlgatte.
    • [6] Multi-objective constrained design of nickel-base superalloys using data mining- and thermodynamics-driven genetic algorithms.
      Edern Menou, Gérard Ramstein, Emanuel Bertrand, Franck Tancret.


    • [7] Expanded CD8 T-cell sharing between periphery and CNS in multiple sclerosis
      Marion Salou, Alexandra Garcia, Laure Michel, Anne Gainche-Salmon, Delphine Loussouarn, Bryan Nicol, Flora Guillot, Philippe Hulin, Steven Nedellec, Daniel Baron, Gérard Ramstein, Jean-Paul Soulillou, Sophie Brouard, Arnaud B Nicot, Nicolas Degauque, David A Laplaud.
    • [9] A common gene signature across multiple studies relate biomarkers and functional regulation in tolerance to renal allograft
      Daniel Baron, Gérard Ramstein, Mélanie Chesneau, Yann Echasseriau, Annaick Pallier, Chloé Paul, Nicolas Degauque, Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo, Magali Giral, Jean-Paul Soulillou, Rémi Houlgatte, Sophie Brouard.
    • [13] Meta-analysis of muscle transcriptome data using the MADMuscle database reveals biologically relevant gene patterns.
      Daniel Baron, Emeric Dubois, Audrey Bihouée, Raluca Teusan, Marja Steenman, Philippe Jourdon, Armelle Magot, Yann Péréon, Reiner Veitia, Frédérique Savagner, Gérard Ramstein, Rémi Houlgatte.
    • [14] Meta-analysis of muscle transcriptome data using the MADMuscle database reveals biologically relevant gene patterns
      Daniel Baron, Emeric Dubois, Audrey Bihouee, Raluca Teusan, Marja Steenman, Philippe Jourdon, Armelle Magot, Yann Pereon, Reiner Veitia, Frederique Savagne, Gérard Ramstein, Rémi Houlgatte.
    • [16] Immune Response and Mitochondrial Metabolism Are Commonly Deregulated in DMD and Aging Skeletal Muscle
      Daniel Baron, Armelle Magot, Gérard Ramstein, Marja Steenman, Guillemette Fayet, Catherine Chevalier, Philippe Jourdon, Rémi Houlgatte, Frédérique Savanger, Yann Pereon.
    • [17] MADGene: Retrieval and processing of gene identifier lists for the analysis of heterogenous microarray datasets
      Daniel Baron, Audrey Bihouee, Raluca Teusan, Emeric Dubois, Frederique Savagne, Marja Steenman, Rémi Houlgatte, Gérard Ramstein.


    • [18] Differential study of the cytokine network in the immune system: An evolutionary approach based on the Bayesian networks
      Hoai-Tuong Nguyen, Gérard Ramstein, Leray Philippe, Yannick Jacques.
    • [20] Molecular risk stratification in advanced heart failure patients.
      Guillaume Lamirault, Nolwenn Le Meur, Jean-Christian Roussel, Daniel Baron, Audrey Bihouee, I. Guisle, Mahatsangy Raharijoana, Gérard Ramstein, Raluca Teusan, Catherine Chevalier, J.P. Gueffet, J.N. Trochu,, J.J. Léger, Rémi Houlgatte, Marja Steenman.


    • [21] Reconstruction of gene regulation networks from microarray data by Bayesian networks
      Hoai-Tuong Nguyen, Gérard Ramstein, Philippe Leray, Yannick Jacques.

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