Publications HAL des membres

Jean-Pierre Renou


    • [2] Transcriptomic comparison between deflowered and overloaded apple trees: toward the understanding of biennial bearing in apple
      Baptiste Guitton, Jean-Jacques Kelner, Jean-Marc Celton, Jean-Pierre Renou, Fernando Andres Lalaguna, David Chagne, Evelyne Costes.
    • [5] Transcriptome dynamics of a susceptible wheat upon Fusarium head blight reveals that molecular responses to Fusarium graminearum infection fit over the grain development processes
      Cherif Chetouhi, Ludovic Bonhomme, Pauline Lasserre - Zuber, Florence Cambon, Sandra Pelletier, Jean-Pierre Renou, Thierry Langin.
    • [6] Cell wall dynamics during apple development and storage involves hemicellulose modifications and related expressed genes
      Emmanuelle Dheilly, Sophie Le Gall, Marie Charlotte Guillou, Jean-Pierre Renou, Estelle Bonnin, Mathilde Orsel Baldwin, Marc Lahaye.
    • [7] Analysis of transcripts differentially expressed between fruited and deflowered ‘Gala’ adult trees: a contribution to biennial bearing understanding in apple
      Baptiste Guitton, Jean-Jacques Kelner, Jean-Marc Celton, Xavier Sabau, Jean-Pierre Renou, D. Chagné, Evelyne Costes.
    • [9] Transcription profiling of the chilling requirement for bud break in apples: a putative role for FLC-like genes
      Diogo Denardi Porto, Maryline Cournol, Pamela Perini, Rafael Anzanello, Jean-Pierre Renou, Henrique Pessoa Dos Santos, Flavio Bello Fialho, Luis Fernando Revers.
    • [10] GEM2Net: from gene expression modeling to -omics networks, a new CATdb module to investigate Arabidopsis thaliana genes involved in stress response
      Rim Zaag, Jean-Philippe Tamby, Cecile Guichard, Zakia Tariq, Guillem Rigaill, Etienne Delannoy, Jean-Pierre Renou, Sandrine Aubourg-Balzergue, Tristan Mary-Huard, Sebastien Aubourg, Marie-Laure Magniette, Veronique Brunaud.


    • [11] Genetics of resistance to blue mould in apple: inoculation-based screening, transcriptomics and biochemistry
      M. Ahmadi-Afzadi, K. Rumpunen, Jean-Pierre Renou, Mathilde Orsel Baldwin, Sandra Pelletier, Maryline Cournol, A. Ekholm, I. Tahir, H. Nybom.
    • [12] Cerebral atrophy is linked to clinical severity and worsens with aging in patients with Pelizaeus–Merzbacher disease and Spastic Paraplegia type 2
      Catherine Sarret, Jean-Jacques Lemaire, Anna Sontheimer, Jerome Coste, Bruno Pereira, Fabien Feschet, Basile Roche, Jean-Pierre Renou, Odile Boespflug-Tanguy.
    • [13] Metabolite switch with anti abscisic acid actvity
      Jeffrey Leung, Nathalie Leonhardt, Daniel Tran, Anne-Aliénor Véry, Alain Vavasseur, Jean-Pierre Renou, June M Kwak, Herve Sentenac, François Bouteau, Fabien Jammes.
    • [14] Cerebral atrophy is linked to clinical severity and worsens with aging in patients with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease and Spastic Paraplegia type 2
      C. Sarret, J. J. Lemaire, A. Sontheimer, J. Coste, B. Pereira, F. Feschet, B. Roche, Jean-Pierre Renou, O. Boespflug-Tanguy.
    • [15] BASIC AMINO ACID CARRIER 2 gene expression modulates arginine and urea content and stress recovery in Arabidopsis leaves
      Séverine Planchais, Cécile Cabassa, Iman Toka, Anne-Marie Justin, Jean-Pierre Renou, Arnould Savouré, Pierre Carol.
    • [16] Evolution des propriétés mécaniques de la paroi au cours de la maturation de la pomme
      Emmanuelle Dheilly, Adelin Barbacci, Estelle Bonnin, Mathilde Orsel Baldwin, Jean-Pierre Renou, Marc Lahaye.
    • [17] Acetylated 1,3-diaminopropane antagonizes abscisic acid-mediated stomatal closing in Arabidopsis.
      Fabien Jammes, Nathalie Leonhardt, Daniel Tran, Hadjira Bousserouel, Anne-Aliénor Véry, Jean-Pierre Renou, Alain Vavasseur, June M Kwak, Hervé Sentenac, François Bouteau, Jeffrey Leung.
    • [18] Uranium perturbs signaling and iron uptake response in Arabidopsis thaliana roots.
      Fany Doustaly, Florence Combes, Julie B Fiévet, Serge Berthet, Véronique Hugouvieux, Olivier Bastien, Iker Aranjuelo, Nathalie Leonhardt, Corinne Rivasseau, Marie Carrière, Alain Vavasseur, Jean-Pierre Renou, Yves Vandenbrouck, Jacques Bourguignon.
    • [19] Additional amphivasal bundles in pedicel pith exacerbate central fruit dominance and induce self-thinning of lateral fruitlets in apple
      Jean-Marc Celton, Emmanuelle Dheilly, Marie Charlotte Guillou, Fabienne Simonneau, Marjorie Juchaux, Evelyne Costes, Francois Laurens, Jean-Pierre Renou.
    • [20] Scavenging iron: a novel mechanism of plant immunity activation by microbial siderophores
      Aude Aznar, Nicolas W.G. Chen, Martine Rigault, Nassima Riache, Delphine Joseph, Didier Desmaele, Gregory Mouille, Stephanie Boutet-Mercey, Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Sebastien Thomine, Dominique Expert, Alia Dellagi.
    • [21] Multiscale investigation of mealiness in apple: an atypical role for a pectin methylesterase during fruit maturation
      Sandrine Mikol-Segonne, Maryline Bruneau, Jean-Marc Celton, Sophie Le Gall, Mathilde Francin-Allami, Marjorie Juchaux, Francois Laurens, Mathilde Orsel Baldwin, Jean-Pierre Renou.
    • [22] BASIC AMINO ACID CARRIER 2 gene expression modulates arginine and urea content and stress recovery in Arabidopsis leaves
      Severine Planchais, Cecile Cabassa, Iman Toka, Anne-Marie Justin, Jean-Pierre Renou, Amould Savoure, Pierre Carol.
    • [23] Widespread anti-sense transcription in apple is correlated with siRNA production and indicates a large potential for transcriptional and/or post-transcriptional control
      Jean-Marc Celton, Sylvain Gaillard, Maryline Bruneau, Sandra Pelletier, Sebastien Aubourg, Marie-Laure Magniette, Lionel Navarro, Francois Laurens, Jean-Pierre Renou.


    • [24] Does MPTP intoxication in mice induce metabolite changes in the nucleus accumbens? A 1H nuclear MRS study
      Carine Chassain, Guy Bielicki, Carole Carcenac, Anne-Claire Ronsin, Jean-Pierre Renou, Marc Savasta, Franck Durif.
    • [25] Arabidopsis WAT1 is a vacuolar auxin transport facilitator required for auxin homoeostasis.
      Philippe Ranocha, Oana Dima, Réka Nagy, Judith Felten, Claire Corratgé-Faillie, Ondřej Novák, Kris Morreel, Benoît Lacombe, Yves Martinez, Stephanie Pfrunder, Xu Jin, Jean-Pierre Renou, Jean-Baptiste Thibaud, Karin Ljung, Urs Fischer, Enrico Martinoia, Wout Boerjan, Deborah Goffner.
    • [26] Live imaging of DORNRA-SCHEN and DORNRA-SCHEN-LIKE promoter activity reveals dynamic changes in cell identity at the microcallus surface of Arabidopsis embryonic suspensions
      M. Cole, B. Jacobs, Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat, Sandrine Aubourg-Balzergue, Jean-Pierre Renou, J. W. Chandler, W. Werr.
    • [27] Partial resistance to clubroot in Arabidopsis is based on changes in the host primary metabolism and targeted cell division and expansion capacity
      Mélanie Jubault, Christine Lariagon, Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Antoine Gravot, Regine Delourme, Maria Manzanares-Dauleux.
    • [28] Characterization of the early events leading to totipotency in an Arabidopsis protoplast liquid culture by temporal transcript profiling
      M-Christine Chupeau, Fabienne Granier, Olivier Pichon, Jean-Pierre Renou, Valerie Gaudin, Yves Chupeau.


    • [29] Signal Molecules Mediate the Impact of the Earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa on Growth, Development and Defence of the Plant Arabidopsis thaliana
      Ruben Puga-Freitas, Sébastien Barot, Ludivine Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Manuel Blouin.
    • [30] Kinetic transcriptomic approach revealed metabolic pathways and genotoxic-related changes implied in the Arabidopsis response to ionising radiations
      Morgane Gicquel, Ludivine Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Marie-Andrée Esnault, Francisco Cabello-Hurtado.
    • [31] The effect of carnitine on Arabidopsis development and recovery in salt stress conditions
      Aurelie Charrier, Sonia Rippa, Agnes Yu, Phuong-Jean Nguyen, Jean-Pierre Renou, Yolande Perrin.
    • [32] Characterization of a NADH-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase mutant of [i]Arabidopsis[/i] demonstrates the key role of this enzyme in root carbon and nitrogen metabolism
      Jean-Xavier Fontaine, Therese Tercé-Laforgue, Patrick Armengaud, Gilles Clément, Jean-Pierre Renou, Sandra Pelletier, Manuella Catterou, Marianne Azzopardi, Yves Gibon, Peter J. Lea, Bertrand Hirel, Frédéric Dubois.
    • [33] Mutations in the Arabidopsis Homolog of LST8/G beta L, a Partner of the Target of Rapamycin Kinase, Impair Plant Growth, Flowering, and Metabolic Adaptation to Long Days
      Manon Moreau, Marianne Azzopardi, Gilles Clément, Thomas Dobrenel, Chloé Marchive, Charlotte Renne, Marie-Laure Magniette, Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Christophe Robaglia, Christian Meyer.
    • [34] Identification of genes involved in the ACC-mediated control of root cell elongation in Arabidopsis thaliana
      Marios Nektarios Markakis, Tinne De Cnodder, Michal Lewandowski, Damien Simon, Agnieszka Boron, Daria Balcerowicz, Thanaa Doubbo, Ludivine Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Hermanus Höfte, Jean-Pierre Verbelen, Kris Vissenberg.
    • [35] Inducible NAD overproduction in Arabidopsis alters metabolic pools and gene expression correlated with increased salicylate content and resistance to Pst-AvrRpm1
      Pierre Petriacq, Linda De Bont, Jutta Hager, Laure Didierlaurent, Caroline Mauve, Florence Guerard, Graham Noctor, Sandra Pelletier, Jean-Pierre Renou, Guillaume Tcherkez, Bertrand Gakiere.
    • [36] Expression variation in connected recombinant populations of Arabidopsis thaliana highlights distinct transcriptome architectures
      Francisco Cubillos, Jennifer Yansouni, Ahmid Khalili, Sandrine Aubourg-Balzergue, Samira Elftieh, Marie-Laure Magniette, Yann Serrand, Loic Lepiniec, Sebastien Baud, Bertrand Dubreucq, Jean-Pierre Renou, Christine Camilleri, Olivier Loudet.


    • [37] Gene expression profiling of Arabidopsis meiocytes
      Pierre Libeau, Monique Durandet, Fabienne Granier, Catherine Marquis, Richard Berthomé, Jean-Pierre Renou, L. Taconnat-Soubirou, Christine Horlow.
    • [38] GABA Accumulation Causes Cell Elongation Defects and a Decrease in Expression of Genes Encoding Secreted and Cell Wall-Related Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
      Hughes Renault, Abdelhak El Amrani, Ravishankar Palanivelu, Emily P. Updegraff, Agnès Yu, Jean-Pierre Renou, Daphne Preuss, Alain Bouchereau, Carole Deleu.
    • [39] Arabidopsis roots and shoots show distinct temporal adaptation patterns toward nitrogen starvation
      Annemarie Krapp, Richard Berthomé, Mathilde Orsel, Stephanie Mercey-Boutet, Agnes Yu, Loren Castaings, Samira Elftieh, Hilary Major, Jean-Pierre Renou, Francoise Daniel-Vedele.
    • [40] Control of Flowering and Cell Fate by LIF2, an RNA Binding Partner of the Polycomb Complex Component LHP1
      David Latrasse, Sophie Germann, Nicole Houba-Hérin, Emeline Dubois, Duyen Bui, Delphine Hourcade, Trine Juul-Jensen, Clémentine Le Roux, Amel Majira, Nathalie Simoncello, Fabienne Granier, Ludivine Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Valerie Gaudin.
    • [41] Genomic approach to study floral development genes in Rosa sp.
      Annick Dubois, Arnaud Remay, Olivier Raymond, Sandrine Balzergue, Aurélie Chauvet, Marion Maene, Yann Pécrix, Shu-Hua Yang, Julien Jeauffre, Tatiana Thouroude, Véronique Boltz, Marie-Laure Martin-Magniette, Stéphane Janczarski, Fabrice Legeai, Jean-Pierre Renou, Philippe Vergne, Manuel Le Bris, Fabrice Foucher, Mohammed Bendahmane.
    • [43] Comparative transcriptomics of drought responses in Populus: a meta-analysis of genome-wide expression profiling in mature leaves and root apices across two genotypes.
      David Cohen, Marie-Béatrice Bogeat-Triboulot, Emilie Tisserant, Sandrine Balzergue, Marie-Laure Martin-Magniette, Gaëlle Lelandais, Nathalie Ningre, Jean-Pierre Renou, Jean-Philippe Tamby, Didier Le Thiec, Irène Hummel.
    • [44] Brain transcriptional stability upon prion protein-encoding gene invalidation in zygotic or adult mouse
      Sead Chadi, Rachel Young, Sandrine Le Guillou, Gaëlle Tilly, Frederique Bitton, Marie-Laure Magniette, Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat, Sandrine Balzergue, Jean Luc Vilotte, Coralie Peyre, Bruno Passet, Vincent Beringue, Jean-Pierre Renou, Fabienne Le Provost, Hubert Laude.
    • [45] A role for pectin de-methylesterification in a developmentally regulated growth acceleration in dark-grown Arabidopsis hypocotyls
      Sandra Pelletier, Juergen Van Orden, Sebastian Wolf, Kris Vissenberg, Julien Delacourt, Yves Assoumou Ndong, Jérome Pelloux, Volker Bischoff, Aurelie Urbain, Gregory Mouille, Gaetan Lemonnier, Jean-Pierre Renou, Herman Hoefte.


    • [47] Over expression of a plant homolog of the human tumor suppressor PTEN leads to flower sterility
      Rodnay Sormani, Anne Pribat, Mathieu Rousseau-Gueutin, Jean-Pierre Renou, Christian Meyer, Christophe Rothan, Veronique Germain.
    • [48] Nitric oxide contributes to cadmium toxicity in Arabidopsis by promoting cadmium accumulation in roots and by up-regulating genes related to iron uptake.
      Angélique Besson-Bard, Antoine Gravot, Pierre Richaud, Pascaline Auroy, Céline Duc, Frédéric Gaymard, Ludivine Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Alain Pugin, David Wendehenne.
    • [50] Transcriptomic analysis of Arabidopsis developing stems: a close-up on cell wall genes.
      Zoran Minic, Elisabeth Jamet, Helene San-Clemente, Sandra Pelletier, Jean-Pierre Renou, Christophe Rihouey, Denis Okinyo, Caroline Proux, Patrice Lerouge, Lise Jouanin.
    • [51] Sélection de variables pour la classification par mélanges gaussiens pour prédire la fonction des gènes orphelins
      Cathy Maugis, Marie-Laure Martin-Magniette, Jean-Philippe Tamby, Jean-Pierre Renou, Alain Lecharny, Sebastien Aubourg, Gilles Celeux.
    • [52] Cell wall biogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana elongating cells: transcriptomics complements proteomics.
      Elisabeth Jamet, David Roujol, Hélène San Clemente, Muhammad Irshad, Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Rafael Pont-Lezica.


    • [53] A genome-wide and metabolic analysis determined the adaptive response of Arabidopsis cells to folate depletion induced by methotrexate.
      Karen Loizeau, Veerle De Brouwer, Bernadette Gambonnet, Agnès Yu, Jean-Pierre Renou, Dominique Van Der Straeten, Willy E Lambert, Fabrice Rébeillé, Stéphane Ravanel.
    • [54] Lowess extension to normalize three dyes cDNA microarray experiments
      Julie Aubert, Marie-Laure Martin-Magniette, Samira Elftieh, Avner Bar-Hen, Jean-Pierre Renou, Jean-Jacques Daudin.
    • [55] Normalization for triple-target microarray experiments
      Marie-Laure Magniette, Julie Aubert, Avner Bar-Hen, Samira Elftieh, Fréderic Magniette, Jean-Pierre Renou, Jean-Jacques Daudin.
    • [56] Normalization for triple-target microarray experiments
      Marie-Laure Martin-Magniette, Julie Aubert, Avner Bar-Hen, Samira Elftieh, F. Magniette, Jean-Pierre Renou, Jean-Jacques Daudin.
    • [57] CATdb: a public access to Arabidopsis transcriptome data from the URGV-CATMA platform
      Séverine Gagnot, Jean-Philippe Tamby, Marie-Laure Magniette, Frederique Bitton, Ludivine Taconnat, Sandrine Aubourg-Balzergue, Sebastien Aubourg, Jean-Pierre Renou, Alain Lecharny, Veronique Brunaud.


    • [58] Genetic variation suggests interaction between cold acclimation and metabolic regulation of Leaf senescence.
      Céline Masclaux-Daubresse, Sarah Purdy, Thomas Lemaitre, Nathalie Pourtau, Ludivine Taconnat, Jean-Pierre Renou, Astrid Wingler.
    • [59] Characterization of an endovascular prosthesis using the 3Bs rule (biocompatibility, biofunctionality and biodurability): a recommended protocol to investigate a device harvested at necropsy.
      Zaipin Xu, Yubo Fan, Robert M Geelkerken, Xiaoyan Deng, Martin King, Amidou Traore, Nilesh Ingle, Stéphane Turgeon, Robert Mcgregor, Guy Dionne, Ze Zhang, Georgi R Marinov, André-Pierre Legrand, Randolph Guzman, Hongbo Zhang, Tieying Yin, Yvan Douville, Mark Nutley, Jean-Pierre Renou, Robert Guidoin.
    • [60] Genome-wide interacting effects of sucrose and herbicide-mediated stress in Arabidopsis thaliana: novel insights into atrazine toxicity and sucrose-induced tolerance.
      Fanny Ramel, Cécile Sulmon, Francisco Cabello-Hurtado, Ludivine Taconnat, Marie-Laure Martin-Magniette, Jean-Pierre Renou, Abdelhak El Amrani, Ivan Couée, Gwenola Gouesbet.


    • [61] Cross-talk between ethylene and drought signalling pathways is mediated by the sunflower Hahb-4 transcription factor.
      Pablo A Manavella, Agustín L Arce, Carlos A Dezar, Frédérique Bitton, Jean-Pierre Renou, Martin Crespi, Raquel L Chan.


    • [62] Dexamethasone impairs muscle energetics, studied by (31)P NMR, in rats.
      Jean-François Dumas, Guy Bielicki, Jean-Pierre Renou, Delphine Roussel, Pierre-Henri Ducluzeau, Yves Malthièry, Gilles Simard, Patrick Ritz.


    • [65] Interspecific crosses between Pelargonium x hortorum and P. quinquelobatum using embryo rescue and molecular characterization of hybrids by an endogenous chs probe
      L. Denis-Peixoto, A. Cadic, Jean-Pierre Renou.

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