Publications HAL des membres

Matthieu David

    • [4] Diffusion of interstitial species (H and O atoms) in fcc systems (Al, Cu, Co, Ni and Pd): Contribution of first and second order transition states
      Damien Connétable, Matthieu David.


    • [6] Impact of the clusterization on the solubility of oxygen and vacancy concentration in nickel: A multi-scale approach
      Damien Connétable, Matthieu David, Aurélien Prillieux, David J. Young, Daniel Monceau.
    • [8] SpecOMS: A Full Open Modification Search Method Performing All-to-All Spectra Comparisons within Minutes
      Matthieu David, Guillaume Fertin, Helene Rogniaux-Bonaventure, Dominique Tessier.

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