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Odile Tresse


    • [1] Advanced 'omics approaches applied to microbial food safety & quality : from ecosystems to the emerging foodborne pathogen Campylobacter
      Alizée Guérin, Amélie Rouger, Raouf Tareb, Jenni Hultman, Johanna Björkroth, Marie-France Pilet, Monique Zagorec, Odile Tresse.
    • [3] An adapted in vitro assay to assess campylobacter jejuni interaction with intestinal epithelial cells: Taking into stimulation with TNFα
      Ramila Christiane Rodrigues, Anne-Lise Pocheron, Jean-Michel Cappelier, Odile Tresse, Nabila Haddad.


    • [4] Dynamics, architecture and matrix characterization of biofilms developed by Campylobacter jejuni
      Romain Briandet, Hana Turonova, Odile Tresse, Thomas R. Neu.
    • [6] Profiling of Campylobacter jejuni proteome in exponential and stationary phase of growth
      Hana Turonova, Nabila Haddad, Mathieu Hernould, Didier Chevret, Jarmila Pazlarova, Odile Tresse.
    • [10] Critical review on biofilm methods
      Joana Azeredo, Nuno F. Azevedo, Romain Briandet, Nuno Cerca, Tom Coenye, Ana Rita Costa, Mickael Desvaux, Giovanni Di Bonaventura, Michel Hébraud, Zoran Jaglic, Miroslava Kačániová, Susanne Knøchel, Anália Lourenço, Filipe Mergulhão, Rikke Louise Meyer, George Nychas, Manuel Simões, Odile Tresse, Claus Sternberg.


    • [11] Comparison of Proteomics Profiles of Campylobacter jejuni Strain Bf under Microaerobic and Aerobic Conditions
      Ramila Christiane Rodriguez, Nabila Haddad, Didier Chevret, Jean-Michel Cappelier, Odile Tresse.
    • [12] Adhesion, biofilm formation, and genomic features of Campylobacter jejuni Bf, an atypical strain able to grow under aerobic conditions
      Vicky Bronnec, H. Turoňová, Agnès Bouju-Albert, Stéphane Cruveiller, R. Rodrigues, Katerina Demnerova, Odile Tresse, Nabila Haddad, Monique Zagorec.
    • [13] The response of foodborne pathogens to osmotic and desiccation stresses in the food chain
      Catherine M. Burgess, Andrea Gianotti, Nadia Gruzdev, John Holah, Susanne Knøchel, Angelika Lehner, Edyta Margas, Stephan Schmitz Esser, Shlomo Sela (saldinger), Odile Tresse.
    • [14] The biofilm matrix ofCampylobacter jejunidetermined by fluorescence lectin-binding analysis
      Hana Turonova, Thomas R. Neu, Pavel Ulbrich, Jarmila Pazlarova, Odile Tresse.
    • [15] Protective Effect of Carnobacterium spp. against Listeria monocytogenes during Host Cell Invasion Using In Vitro HT29 Model
      Tereza Pilchova, Marie-France Pilet, Jean-Michel Cappelier, Jarmila Pazlarova, Odile Tresse.
    • [16] Draft Genome Sequence ofCampylobacter jejuniBf, an Atypical Strain Able To Grow under Aerobiosis
      Vicky Bronnec, Nabila Haddad, Stéphane Cruveiller, Michel Hernould, Odile Tresse, Monique Zagorec.


    • [17] Architecture and matrix characterization of biofilms developed by Campylobacter jejuni 11168 and 81-176 under microaerobic and oxygen-enriched conditions
      Romain Briandet, Odile Tresse, Hana Turonova, Thomas R. Neu, Jarmila Pazlarova.
    • [18] Influence of measurement and control of microaerobic gaseous atmospheres in methods for Campylobacter growth studies
      Sabrina Mace, Nabila Haddad, Monique Zagorec, Odile Tresse.
    • [19] Description of Campylobacter jejuni Bf, an atypical aero-tolerant strain
      Ramila Christiane Rodrigues, Anne-Lise Pocheron, Michel Hernould, Nabila Haddad, Odile Tresse, Jean-Michel Cappelier.
    • [20] Biofilm spatial organization by the emerging pathogen Campylobacter jejuni: comparison between NCTC 11168 and 81-176 strains under microaerobic and oxygen-enriched conditions
      Hana Turonova, Romain Briandet, Ramila Rodrigues, Mathieu Hernould, Nabil Hayek, Alain Stintzi, Jarmila Pazlarova, Odile Tresse.
    • [21] Review of campylobacter jejuni pathogenesis: Main virulence factors and their use as biomarkers
      Ramila Rodrigues, Vicky Bronnec, Odile Tresse, Jean-Michel Cappelier, Nabila Haddad.


    • [22] Influence of food processing environments on structure initiation of static biofilm of Listeria monocytogenes
      Tereza Pilchova, Mathieu Hernould, Herve Prévost, Katerina Demnerova, Jarmila Pazlarova, Odile Tresse.
    • [23] Viabilité de Campylobacter en fonction du stress oxydant et de la flore endogène des aliments
      Sabrina Mace, Amélie Rouger, Nabila Haddad, Monique Zagorec, Odile Tresse.


    • [24] Characterization of Campylobacter jejuni biofilm formation by confocal laser scanning microscopy
      Romain Briandet, Odile Tresse, Hana Turonova, Jarmila Pazlarova.
    • [25] Characterization of Campylobacter spp. transferred from naturally contaminated chicken legs to cooked chicken slices via a cutting board
      Muriel Guyard-Nicodème, Odile Tresse, Emmanuelle Houard, Florence Jugiau, Céline Courtillon, Kadhem El Manaa, Marie-Jose Laisney, Marianne Chemaly.


    • [26] Enhanced Adhesion of Campylobacter jejuni to Abiotic Surfaces Is Mediated by Membrane Proteins in Oxygen-Enriched Conditions
      Sheiam Sulaeman, Mathieu Hernould, Annick Schaumann, Laurent Coquet, Jean-Michel Bolla, Emmanuelle Dé, Odile Tresse.
    • [27] Dynamic proteome changes in Campylobacter jejuni 81-176 after high pressure shock and subsequent recovery
      Clemence Bieche, Marie de Lamballerie, Didier Chevret, Michel Federighi, Odile Tresse.
    • [28] Antimicrobial Activities of Isothiocyanates Against Campylobacter jejuni Isolates.
      Virginie Dufour, Bachar Alazzam, Gwennola Ermel, Marion Thepaut, Albert Rossero, Odile Tresse, Christine Baysse.
    • [29] Polynucleotide phosphorylase has an impact on cell biology of [i]Campylobacter jejuni[/i]
      Nabila Haddad, Odile Tresse, Katell Rivoal, Didier Chevret, Quentin Nonglaton, Christopher M. Burns, Hervé Prévost, Jean-Michel Cappelier.


    • [30] Comparison between the biofilm initiation of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli strains to an inert surface using BioFilm Ring Test.
      Sheiam Sulaeman, Guillaume Le Bihan, Albert Rossero, Michel Federighi, E Dé, Odile Tresse.
    • [32] Adaptation to Cold and Proteomic Responses of the Psychrotrophic Biopreservative Lactococcus piscium Strain CNCM I-4031
      Matthieu Garnier, Sébastien Matamoros, Didier Chevret, Marie-France Pilet, Françoise Leroi, Odile Tresse.
    • [33] Proteins involved in Campylobacter jejuni 81-176 recovery after high-pressure treatment.
      Clemence Bieche, Marie de Lamballerie, Michel Federighi, Alain Le Bail, Odile Tresse.


    • [34] The impact of growth history and flagellation on the adhesion of various Listeria monocytogenes strains to polystyrene
      Odile Tresse, Véronique Lebret, Dominique Garmyn, Olivier Dussurget.
    • [35] Sodium chloride affects Listeria monocytogenes adhesion to polystyrene and stainless steel by regulating flagella expression.
      D. Cali, Dalia Takilt, Véronique Lebret, Odile Tresse.
    • [36] Impacts of treatment parameters on the inactivation of Campylobacter jejuni by high pressure: a statistical study of main effects and interactions.
      Clemence Bieche, M Ritz, Odile Tresse, Michel Federighi, M. de Lamballerie.


    • [37] Variable adhesion of Listeria monocytogenes isolates from food-processing facilities and clinical cases to inert surfaces.
      Odile Tresse, Kelly Shannon, Anthony Pinon, Pierre Malle, Michele Vialette, Graziella Midelet-Bourdin.
    • [38] Natural Bacterial Biofilms in the Environment
      Odile Tresse, Rutger de Wit, V Cassiva, Gael Le Pennec, Dominique Haras, Michel Federighi.
    • [39] Description of a new species, Bifidobacterium crudilactis sp. nov., isolated from raw milk and raw milk cheeses.
      V Delcenserie, Françoise Gavini, H. Beerens, Odile Tresse, C Franssen, G Daube.


    • [40] Mineralization of p-nitrophenol by pentachlorophenol-degrading Sphingomonas spp.
      Kam T Leung, Odile Tresse, Deena Errampalli, Hung Lee, Jack T Trevors.
    • [41] Comparative evaluation of adhesion, surface properties, and surface protein composition of Listeria monocytogenes strains after cultivation at constant pH of 5 and 7
      Odile Tresse, Véronique Lebret, Thierry Bénézech, Christine Faille.


    • [42] Comparison of the microbial population dynamics and phylogenetic characterization of a CANOXIS reactor and a UASB reactor degrading trichloroethene
      Odile Tresse, F. Mounien, M.-J. Levesque, Sandra Guiot.
    • [43] Abstracts of an international conference “Biofilms II: Attachment and detachment in pure and mixed cultures”, held at the Leipziger Kubus UFZ Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, Germany, from 23 March to 24 March 2006
      Odile Tresse, Véronique Lebret, Olivier Dussurget, Dominique Garmyn.


    • [44] Microbial population dynamics in a CANOXIS and a UASB TCE-degrading bioreactor
      Odile Tresse, Fanny Mounien, Marie-Josée Levesque, Serge Guiot.


    • [45] Dynamics of living and dead bacterial cells within a mixed-species biofilm during toluene degradation in a biotrickling filter
      Odile Tresse, S. Lescob, D. Rho.


    • [46] Population dynamics of free-floating and attached bacteria in a styrene-degrading biotrickling filter analyzed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis
      Odile Tresse, Lorrain M.-J., Rho D..


    • [47] Bacterial survival and mineralization of p-nitrophenol in soil by green fluorescent protein-marked Moraxella sp. G21 encapsulated cells
      Deena Errampalli, Odile Tresse, Hung Lee, Jack T. Trevors.


    • [48] Green fluorescent protein as a visual marker in ap-nitrophenol degradingMoraxellasp.
      Odile Tresse, Deena Errampalli, Magdalena Kostrzynska, Kam T Leung, Hung Lee, Jack T Trevors, J.Dirk Elsas.


    • [49] Antibacterial efficacy of tobramycin against anaerobic Escherichia coli cultures in the presence of electron acceptors
      Odile Tresse, T Jouenne, G.-A. Junter.


    • [50] Susceptibility of agar-entrapped Escherichia coli cultures to cefotaxime as assessed by the potentiometric measurement of lipoic acid reduction.
      Odile Tresse, T. Jouenne, Guy Alain Junter.

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