Publications HAL des membres

Thomas Guillemette


    • [1] A flavoprotein supports cell wall properties in the necrotrophic fungus Alternaria brassicicola
      Sandrine Pigné, Agata Zykwinska, Etienne Janod, Stéphane Cuenot, Mohammed Kerkoud, Roxane Raulo, Nelly Bataille-Simoneau, Muriel Marchi, Anthony Kwasiborski, Guillaume Nguyen, Guillaume Mabilleau, Philippe Simoneau, Thomas Guillemette.


    • [3] Characterization of glutathione transferases involved in the pathogenicity of Alternaria brassicicola
      Benoit Calmes, Melanie Morel, Nelly Bataillé, Eric Gelhaye, Thomas Guillemette, Philippe Simoneau.
    • [4] Glucosinolate-derived isothiocyanates impact mitochondrial function in fungal cells and elicit an oxidative stress response necessary for growth recovery
      Benoît Calmes, Guillaume Nguyen, Jérôme Dumur, Carlos Agusti-Brisach, Claire Campion, Béatrice Iacomi-Vasilescu, Sandrine Pigné, Eva Dias, David Macherel, Thomas Guillemette, Philippe Simoneau.


    • [6] Histolocalization and physico-chemical characterization of dihydrochalcones: Insight into the role of apple major flavonoids
      Matthieu Gaucher, Thomas Duge de Bernonville, David Lohou, Sylvain Guyot, Thomas Guillemette, Marie-Noelle Brisset, James Dat.
    • [7] Dehydrin-like proteins in the necrotrophic fungus [i]Alternaria brassicicola[/i] have a role in plant pathogenesis and stress response
      Stéphanie Pochon, Philippe Simoneau, Sandrine Pigné, Samuel Balidas, Nelly Bataillé, Claire Campion, Emmanuel Jaspard, Benoit Calmes, Bruno Hamon, Romain Berruyer, Marjorie Juchaux, Thomas Guillemette.
    • [8] Role of mannitol metabolism in the pathogenicity of the necrotrophic fungus Alternaria brassicicola
      Benoit Calmes, Thomas Guillemette, Lény Teyssier, Benjamin Siegler, Sandrine Pigné, Anne Landreau, Beatrice Iacomi, Remi Lemoine, Pascal Richomme, Philippe Simoneau.


    • [9] The Arabidopsis thaliana-Alternaria brassicicola pathosystem: A model interaction for investigating seed transmission of necrotrophic fungi
      Stéphanie Pochon, Emmanuel Terrasson, Thomas Guillemette, Beatrice Iacomi-Vasilescu, Sonia Georgeault, Marjorie Juchaux, Romain Berruyer, Isabelle Debeaujon, Philippe Simoneau, Claire Campion.

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