Publications HAL des membres

Vinh Tran


    • [1] Semi-rational approach for converting a GH1 β-glycosidase into a β-transglycosidase.
      David Teze, Johann Hendrickx, Mirjam Czjzek, David Ropartz, Yves-Henri Sanejouand, Vinh Tran, Charles Tellier, Michel Dion.


    • [2] Enhancing the enantioselectivity of CALB by substrate imprinting: A combined experimental and molecular dynamics simulation model study
      Ludovic Chaput, Zsuzsanna Marton, Philippe Pineau, Lisiane Domon, Vinh Tran, Marianne Graber.
    • [3] Thumb-loops up for catalysis: a structure/function investigation of a functional loop movement in a GH11 xylanase
      Gabriel Paës, Juan Cortés, Thierry Simeon, Michael O'Donohue, Vinh Tran.
    • [4] Contribution of both catalytic constant and Michaelis constant to CALB enantioselectivity; use of FEP calculations for prediction studies
      L. Chaput, Yves-Henri Sanejouand, Asma Balloumi, Vinh Tran, Marianne Graber.


    • [5] Thumb-loops up for catalysis: a structure/function investigation of a functional loop movement in a GH-11 xylanase
      Gabriel Paës, Juan Cortés, Thierry Simeon, Michael O'Donohue, Vinh Tran.
    • [6] Coupling robotics and molecular modelling techniques to understand putative functional motion of the thumb-loop in GH-11 xylanase from Thermobacillus xylanilyticus
      Gabriel Paës, Juan Cortés, Thierry Simeon, Michael O'Donohue, Vinh Tran.
    • [7] Mutations in the stereospecificity pocket and at the entrance of the active site of Candida antarctica lipase B enhancing enzyme enantioselectivity
      Zsuzsanna Marton, Valérie Léonard, Per-Olof Syren, Cédric Bauer, Sylvain Lamare, Karl Hult, Vinh Tran, Marianne Graber.
    • [8] Rational design of a GH1 {beta}-glycosidase to prevent self-condensation during the transglycosylation reaction
      Vinh Tran, Lionel Hoffmann, Claude Rabiller, Charles Tellier, Michel Dion.


    • [9] Engineering of glucoside acceptors for the regioselective synthesis of beta-(1-->3)-disaccharides with glycosynthases
      Zsuzsanna Marton, Vinh Tran, Charles Tellier, Michel Dion, Jullien Drone, Claude Rabiller.
    • [10] Structural Analysis of the Human Rad51 Protein-DNA Complex Filament by Tryptophan Fluorescence Scanning Analysis: Transmission of Allosteric Effects between ATP Binding and DNA Binding
      Axelle Renodon-Cornière, Yoshimasa Takizawa, Sébastien Conilleau, Vinh Tran, Shigenori Iwai, Hitoshi Kurumizaka, Masayuki Takahashi.


    • [11] Directed evolution of the a-l-Fucosidase from Thermotoga maritima into an a-l-transfucosidase.
      Michel Dion, Jullien Drone, Claude Rabiller, Charles Tellier, George Osanjo, Claude Solleux, Vinh Tran.
    • [12] Mutations in the gene encoding filamin A as a cause for familial cardiac valvular dystrophy
      Vinh Tran, F. Kyndt, J.P. Gueffet, V. Probst, P. Jaafar, A. Legendre, F. Le Boufant, C. Toquet, L. Mcgregor, E. Roy, S.A. Lynch, R. Newbury-Ecob, I. Young, J.N. Trochu,, H. Lemarec, J.J. Schott.
    • [13] Directed evolution of the alpha-L-fucosidase from Thermotoga maritima into an alpha-L-transfucosidase.
      George Osanjo, Michel Dion, Jullien Drone, Claude Solleux, Vinh Tran, Claude Rabiller, Charles Tellier.
    • [14] Towards the molecular understanding of glycogen elongation by amylosucrase.
      Cécile Albenne, Lars K Skov, Vinh Tran, Michael Gajhede, Pierre Monsan, Magali Remaud Simeon, Gwenaelle André-Leroux.
    • [15] New insights into the role of the thumb-like loop in GH-11 xylanases
      Gabriel Paës, Vinh Tran, Masayuki Takahashi, Imen Boukari, Michael O Donohue.


    • [16] Docking of the human interleukin-15 to its specific receptor a chain. Correlation between molecular modelling and mutagenesis experimental data.
      A. Quemener, J. Bernard, E. Mortier, Y. Jacques, A. Plet, Vinh Tran.
    • [17] Docking of Human Interleukin-15 to its Specific Receptor α Chain: Correlation Between Molecular Modeling and Mutagenesis Experimental Data
      Agnès Quéméner, Jérôme Bernard, Erwan Mortier, Ariane Plet, Yannick Jacques, Vinh Tran.


    • [18] Converting a beta-glycosidase into a beta-transglycosidase by directed evolution
      Hui Yong Feng, Jullien Drone, Lionel Hoffmann, Vinh Tran, Charles Tellier, Claude Rabiller, Michel Dion.
    • [19] A path planning approach for computing large-amplitude motions of flexible molecules
      Juan Cortés, Thierry Simeon, Vicente Ruiz de Angulo, David Guieysse, Magali Remaud Simeon, Vinh Tran.
    • [20] Thermus thermophilus glycosynthases for the efficient synthesis of galactosyl and glucosyl beta-(1 -> 3)-glycosides
      Jullien Drone, Hui Yong Feng, Charles Tellier, Lionel Hoffmann, Vinh Tran, Claude Rabiller, Michel Dion.


    • [21] Tyrosine 105 and Threonine 212 at Outermost Substrate Binding Subsites –6 and +4 Control Substrate Specificity, Oligosaccharide Cleavage Patterns, and Multiple Binding Modes of Barley α-Amylase
      Kristian Sass Bak-Jensen, Gwenaelle Andre-Leroux, Tine E. Gottschalk, Gabriel Paës, Vinh Tran, Birte Svensson.


    • [22] Effects of acylation on the structure, lipid binding, and transfer activity of wheat lipid transfer protein
      Christine Pato, Vinh Tran, Didier Marion, Jean-Paul Douliez.


    • [23] Impact of the lysine-188 and aspartic acid-189 inversion on activity of trypsin
      Loïc Briand, Jean-Marc Chobert, René Gantier, Nathalie Declerck, Vinh Tran, Joëlle Léonil, Daniel Mollé, Thomas Haertlé.
    • [24] Amylose chain behavior in an interacting context II. Molecular modeling of a maltopentaose fragment in the barley α-amylase catalytic site
      Gwenaelle André Leroux, Alain Buleon, R. Haser, Vinh Tran.
    • [25] Amylose chain behavior in an interacting context. III. Complete occupancy of the AMY2 barley alpha-amylase cleft and comparison with biochemical data
      Gwenaelle André-Leroux, Alain Buleon, Richard Haser, Vinh Tran.


    • [26] Effect of pea and bovine trypsin inhibitors on wild-type and modified trypsins
      Laurice Pouvreau, Jean-Marc Chobert, Loïc Briand, Laurence Quillien, Vinh Tran, Jacques Guéguen, Thomas Haertlé.
    • [27] How the substitution of K188 of trypsin binding site by aromatic amino acids can influence the processing of beta-casein
      Jean-Marc Chobert, Loïc Briand, Vinh Tran, Thomas Haertlé.


    • [28] Regulation of trypsin activity by Cu2+ chelation of the substrate binding site
      Loïc Briand, Jean-Marc Chobert, J. Tauzin, Nathalie Declerck, Joëlle Léonil, Daniel Mollé, Vinh Tran, Thomas Haertlé.


    • [29] Amylose chain behavior in an interacting context I. Influence of a nonchair ring on the maltose conformations
      Gwénaëlle André, Alain Buleon, Vinh Tran, F. Vallée, M. Juy, R. Haser.

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